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Holistic Choice Koi Food

Holistic Choice Koi Food New for 2010!! Introducing Holistic Choice Koi Food. Holistic Choice provides your Koi with a healthy staple diet of 38% protein, fish meal based kibble along with the healthy benefits of 8 freeze dried fruits and... (continued)

Our new 2016 Prices are now posted and take affect 2/1/2016. This is due to supplier increase and transportation increases. Don't forget to change your web pages Thank you. Tom




******* JUST ARRIVED *******

We just got in 20 copies of Dr. Johnson's Book -- Koi Health & Disease ( 5/10/15) !!!

We now have Bifuran back in stock ( 8/26/14). New lower prices !!!!



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2016 Product Pricing

We have not had a price increase in our products for over three years. We do all we can to hold our cost down so as not to have to raise prices. Over the past year we have seen our cost for trucking and the cost of plastic jars and lids increase over 25%. Also the general cost of doing business has increased this past year. Therefore we will have a small price increase in several of our products. . The 2016 Dealer wholesale prices are now available on the wholesale side of the website. Thank you for your understanding.


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Focused on Koi Health

Koi Care Kennel Inc. was founded in 1998. One of our founding principals was to distribute only the best quality pond products. In order to accomplish that goal we have tested EVERY product we offer for sale in our own koi pond. As hobbyist we have all bought products that turned out to be a waste of money. Either they didn’t work at all or they performed very poorly. At Koi Care Kennel Inc. we have developed a product line that is ‘focused on koi health”. We do not sell products like pumps, liners, or UV lights.


ALL our koi health products work and work well. If a koi health product does not work well we don’t carry it, it’s that simple. And our product line is expanding slowly because high quality koi health products are few and far between.

Our flagship product is KoiZyme. This is an excellent product that has built a wonderful reputation in this hobby. Why? Because it works, and works well.

We have built a dealer network of over 300 koi dealers in the U.S. and an overseas distribution network that reaches over 14 countries. When we first introduced KoiZyme in 1999 we were marketing it under the trademark name of “Lymnozyme”. The Lymnozyme trademark is owned by Keeton Industries of Wellington, CO. In the early days we were purchasing KoiZyme from Keeton Industries who in turn was purchasing it from Enviro-Health Corp. Keeton Industries named the product “Lymnozyme” and they trademarked that name.

In early 2003 we started purchasing the product directly from Enviro-Health Corp. but we could no longer use Keeton’s trademark name “Lymnozyme”. Therefore we changed the name to “KoiZyme” and we trademarked that name.

Meanwhile Keeton Industries has gone to a different lab and is now producing a product that they are offering to the koi hobby and they are calling it “Lymnozyme”.

Be aware that Keeton’s Lymnozyme is NOT KoiZyme. Only KoiZyme has been tested and approved by Dr. Erik Johnson, DVM.

Several companies have tried to copy our product line telling dealers "we have the same thing as Koizyme" or Proform-C. Some have even copied our text and dosage rates from our labels. They do NOT know our formulas. Their products are a little bit cheaper but that does not relate to "value". We were first to bring these products to our hobby and our product line is still the best selling by far because they work and are really a true "value".

At Koi Care Kennel Inc. we are here to support the hobbyist. Keeping koi healthy is not a simple task. Our products and expertise can put the “fun’ back into koi keeping. We are here to help. Feel free to call us on our toll free line anytime with your koi health questions. Keeping your “living jewels” healthy and happy is not that hard if you have the right products and information. We believe that with honesty, education, and quality products Koi Care Kennel Inc. will make a difference in the quality of our hobby.

Tom Holder, President